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Get the most out of your Laser cartridge!

We all know how expensive it is to keep buying Ink these days, and especially Laser Printer ink.
The cost for the printer is so much lower than the ink!
But, that's the idea isn't it? Kinda like cigarettes? Get you hooked on something cheap, then keep you comin' back to buy ink every week, month, etc....
Well, there are a few ways to save more $$$ and get more use out of that cartridge.
Now, I am talking about Laser cartridges, not inkjet. That's a whole nuther' story....

Anyway, here's some tips:

1. take out your cartridge and shake it like crazy (up, down, and all around). This helps loosen some of the ink that maye have pocketed itself in that ink chamber somewhere. Gives you an extra boost sometimes in the ink. Milk that puppy for all it's worth!
2. Print relevant pages you need only, not just for the hell of it. Save your ink for when you really need it!
3. Buy compatible or OEM recharged cartridges! This can save you a tons of time and money if you buy from the right place. Well, that's good, but, how do I know which IS the right place?
Check the pricing, first of all. A cartridge that you pay 90.00 for new, cannot be good if you buy it recharged for 20.00! You get what you pay for!
I recently bought a Brother Laser Printer, and found a cool site called BrotherToners.com.
Their prices were low and reasonable, and when I recieved the ink and drum, it worked GREAT!
The price was IN THE MIDDLE. That's the key!
I now buy all my drums and toners from them. They have been great.
Check em' out at www.brothertoners.com
They have low prices and FREE shipping on every order :-)

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