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Laser Printer Jam Fix

here are a variety of things that can gum up the gears of a printer and cause recurring jams. Though you might be tempted to solve the problem by tossing your printer out the window, here are some more effective approaches to diagnosing and solving the problem.

1. Inspect the paper trays to make sure they are not overloaded. To determine if this is the problem, do a test print with only one piece of paper loaded in the paper tray. (If this turns out to be the problem, keep the paper tray half-full in the future.)

2. Check that the type of paper being used falls within the printer manufacturer's recommendations. For example, paper designed for ink-jet printers doesn't necessarily work well in laser printers. High-quality, bonded paper will cause paper jams in some printers; look for bonded paper that is "laser and ink-jet compatible."

3. If someone has recently printed labels on this printer, check to see if a label has come unglued from a sheet and become stuck inside the printer.

4. Check the gears and rollers for stuck shreds of torn paper from previous jams. Turn off the printer before you attempt to remove the bits of paper.

5. If you have a laser printer, inspect the printer's paper rollers. They should be smooth but not shiny. Rollers that are cracked or glazed are a frequent cause of paper jams and should be replaced by a technician.

6. If you have a laser printer, try cleaning the printer's paper rollers with a lint-free cloth and isopropyl alcohol (available at electronics shops or drugstores).

7. Try changing the toner or ink cartridge.

8. If you hear a clinking sound during printing, your printer probably has a broken gear and needs to be serviced by a technician.

Occasionally cleaning your laser printer rollers with a lint-free cloth and isopropyl alcohol will extend their life and make them less likely to cause jams.

If you reuse paper to print on the back side, make sure that the paper is not torn, wrinkled or dog-eared. Tears, wrinkles or bends in paper can cause paper jams.

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