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Laser Printers better than inkjets?

The distance between inkjet and laser printers has lessened considerably, to the point where it is sometimes difficult to decide between the two. Most individuals will continue to go with inkjets -- they are still less expensive, and nearly all of them are color-capable. In addition, the quality of text that inkjets now product means that a small or home business can use one without fearing that documents will look cheap or unclear.

But while laser printers are still, for the most part, confined to black printing -- there are more and more color lasers out there, but their cost is still prohibitive for individuals and small businesses -- they do produce high quality text at much faster speeds.

Which to choose? Check out some articles on laser printers and inkjet printers. And soon, we hope to offer a questionaire that will help. Meanwhile, keep the above factors in mind when looking for a new printers.

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