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brother cartridge recycling recycle brother toner brother toner recycle environment cartridge recycle brother toners  Cartridge Recycle Center accepts Toners and Drums for recycling!

*Please note - at this time we only recycle for our own customers.
If you purchase from us, you can recycle with us.
However, there is free recyling with Brother USA anytime - see the links below.*

Welcome to our Brother Toner Cartridge and Drum Recycling site!
We believe in protecting our environment and landfills by keeping Toner, Plastics, and other printing materials recycled from just becoming more waste that can harm our world! is dedicated to recycling your Brother product and disposing of it properly. If you have Toner cartridges or Drums for recycling, please see the information below and contact us anytime if you have any questions.

General Rules are:

1. YOU MUST BE A BROTHERTONERS.COM CUSTOMER - Please see red text above.
2. Must be original Brother made products or Remanufactured Brother product only.
3. No Compatibles or Generic products please (office max, staples, etc.)
Must be Brother Laser printer products (toner, drum)
5. We help with recycling only - No product buybacks at this time.
6. Please download and send the Recycle Form below with your products. This helps us to know who sent them in case they need to be tracked later. This form is not mandatory, however it can help us to know what was sent and from whom.
7. From time to time our warehouse is overwhelmed by recycling and we have to put a hold on accepting products until we can resume. If so, we will direct you to another place that may accept your products. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Thank you!

-If you are not a customer:
And you have 1 or 2 cartridges for recycling, please click HERE for a free label.
Please register with Brother USA on that page for all your recycling.
Once you have a recycling account, you can get labels anytime you need.
They have to do this in order to control downloading and spam.

Recycling for Canadian Residents - click HERE.

If you have more than 2 or 3 cartridges, please send them to the address below or if you are one of our customers, contact us to request a UPS return label if you need one.


1. Pack all cartridges well and put them all in a box.
2. Download the form below, fill it out, and put it in the box.
3. Weigh the box(es) and write FRAGILE on all sides.
4. Contact us with your SHIP FROM info, box weight, total number of cartridges.

Once we have this info from you, we will email your printable UPS label.
When you have the label, put it on the box and arrange for pickup or just drop it off at a UPS location or give to any UPS driver. Your info will be saved for future recycling, so all you need to do is contact us anytime, tell us your box weight and we send you another label.

Recycle Form HERE:

    Please download, print, and send this form with your cartridges: Click Here
    If needed, Adobe reader can be downloaded by clicking the Adobe icon here:

    brother toner form

    -Important Notes to remember-

    * We cannot accept Generic or Non-Brother cartridges and/or drums!
    * We only accept Laser Cartridges and Drums not Inkjets at this time!
    * Please include the above form with your empties!
    * You must package your empties properly so they arrive unbroken.
    * We will not accept damaged or broken cartridges.
    * Any boxes or products that arrive damaged will be discarded.

    Interested in having your toners refilled for a lower cost? Do it yourself!
    Try our super easy REFILL kits!
    Click HERE for more info.

    Send your empties for Recycling to:
    1148 Reynosa Loop SE
    Rio Rancho, NM 87124-8898


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