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Here are some frequently asked questions we get from customers and visitors that may help you with the same or similar issues. Contact us by Chat on the left side of this page or by email if you need help not answered here. Please note - our phone lines are dedicated to sales. All support issues are handled by email or chat. Thank you!

1. Question: Are your products Generic or Compatibles?
1. Answer: No - our products are Genuine Brother (OEM) products that have been reconditioned and tested to perform as well or better than new - store bought ones. We only use original Brother products because we know that they work best in Brother printers and have much less problems than Compatibles. Why would you buy something made to look like a Brother cartridge when you can have the real thing? Well, most people who buy Compatibles want something CHEAP that still may work. However, there are a lot of problems with them. Our Brother products work best for Brother printers and are half the price you would pay locally, without having to buy generic or compatibles!
To us, it doesn't matter what the outside looks like, as long as they do their job and do it well, right? Our products always perform well. We have an extremely low return or defective rate - about 1 out of every 1000. Not too bad! See our 'About Us' page for some more info about us!

2. Question: Will your products hurt my printer in any way? Void my Warranty?
2. Answer: No - Never will - Real Brother products are made for Brother printers, so, there is no problem. It is illegal for a printer OEM to void a warranty if you use supplies other than their own.  Government legislation prevents any manufacturer from making printer warranties dependent upon the use of their own brand new OEM supplies.
Honestly, Brother receives used products every day. They clean them up, replace parts, refill them, and re-sell them as new! We were shocked when we discovered some brand new Brother cartridges with a sticker on them that said "This is a Remanufactured Product - Made from Recycled Materials". So really, Brother themselves are selling the same thing we sell and calling them NEW! But seriously, in the 6 years we have been in business, not one printer has ever been damaged from our products. We have thousands of happy customers to prove!
See our guarantee page for some extra info HERE.

3. Question: What is "OEM"? Are your products the same?
3. Answer: OEM means, "Original Equipment Manufacturer" This means everything we sell is made by Brother. We do not make the cartridges or drums. We only recondition what is already made. Compatible or Generic cartridges are not OEM because they did not make the actual cartridge or drums. They make products that LOOK and WORK like Brother OEM products, but in fact, can produce a lot of problems. That's why we only sell products made by Brother and use higher quality toner and drums in them so that they will last much longer and can be re-used several times, saving YOU more money. In this day and age, spending over $100 every week or two on toner and drums is very difficult for some people. We provide the same quality at a much less price so people can afford to buy more for the same or even less. We use our own products here in our offices and have NEVER bought any new toner or drum in 6 years! This proves that you don't HAVE to buy new toner and drums to keep your office running 100%!

4. Question: I installed a new toner cartridge but the printer message still says "Toner Low or Toner End", how do I get rid of this problem?
4. Answer: If the printer does not recognize the new cartridge, most likely the reset mechanism on the cartridge did not reset the printer properly. So, you may have to reset the toner cartridge or reset the printer manually. Contact us for instructions on resetting these or refer to our support page and find the appropriate instructions on the Brother USA support page. Most likely your printer or cartridge is NOT defective. They just need a proper reset.

5. Question: Some toner spilled out of my cartridge - is it toxic? How do I clean this up?
5. Answer: Toner is not toxic, caustic, or radio active. It can cause respitory problems by breathing it in. Always refill and clean cartidges and printers outdoors in a well ventilated area! Toner can be cleaned up by vacuum, paper towels, or cloths. Toner can stain fabrics, so try to keep things DRY. Never put solvents or water on toner! Use compressed air or a vacuum to clean up. Wear a dust mask if available.

6. Question: How many times can a Brother Cartridge be refilled?
6. Answer: Most Brother toner cartidges can be refilled up to 5 times, maybe more. It depends on how much it has been used - daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
If your prints begin to look bad, most likely it cannot be refilled anymore.
Important to remember - Drums get replaced every 3rd or 4th Toner cartridge.
Refill Kits are a great way to save money and they are very easy to use. Your prints will stay the same and each kit fills your cartidge to a High Yield volume! See HERE.
You even get a FREE video that shows you each step! Try one today!

7. Question: My toner cartidge won't fit - did I buy the wrong product?
7. Answer: First of all, your printer has 2 components - a DRUM and a Toner Cartridge.
Do not mistake the drum and toner together as 1 component. They are separate!
The Drum says "DR" on top and the Toner says "TN". You have to purchase these items separately. The correct product will always fit your printer, unless the product has a broken part on it that won't allow it to fit. This is very rarely the case.

8. Question: My Prints look bad or have problems - What's the problem?
8. Answer: Here are some reasons for bad prints - see which pertains to you:
Heavy dark streaks on the sides: Leaky toner or bad roller blade - Defective Cartridge.
Spots on the page: Dirty Drum - Replace your Drum.
Pages are all grey on background: Dirty Drum - Replace your Drum.
Vertical Lines on page: Faulty blade on cartridge - Replace your cartridge.
Prints are blank: Empty toner or Defective Drum - If toner is not empty, replace Drum.

9. Question: I have a paper jam - how do I fix this?
9. Answer: First, turn your printer off and pull the Drum and Cartridge out slowly.
Try to pull the paper out of the drum unit slowly without tearing it if possible. If the paper is not jammed in the drum, look inside the printer and pull it out of there very slowly and carefully. The back of the printer has a small door you can pull paper out of in case of jams where the heat transfer roller is. If you need more help - Read our article on paper jams HERE. Contact us by Chat or Email if needed.

10. Question: When should I replace my Drum? How often?
10. Answer: Drums should always be replaced every 3rd or 4th Toner cartridge. This depends on how much your printer is being used, but usually drums will start to show signs of wear on your prints after changing your toner 3 or 4 times. So, if you have replaced your toner cartidge 4 times already, time to replace the drum! Drums provide print quality and toner cartridges provide print quantity. Remember, the drum and the toner cartridge are 2 separate items. We offer Brother drums at a fraction of the cost you would pay locally and with FREE shipping. Need a new one? Find your drum HERE.

11. Question: Why should I buy from Why not other stores or even locally?
11. Answer: Bottom line - you came to our store to Save Money - not to buy products that look pretty or brighten up the office! You are here to Save Money and buy products that Work! Right? Because your tired of paying top dollar for something you have to replace again in another couple weeks.
We offer only real Brother products, individually hand picked and reconditioned, then tested for print quality. Only the best toner and drums are used!
You pay so much more locally and Tax on top of it, that for the same price, you can almost buy 2 of the same thing from our store, tax free!
Toner and Drums are very expensive these days and you could eventually spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on local store bought products.
So, the reason why you came to our store is to save money right? To buy what you need and not spend so much to get the same thing! We use our own products in our offices here and have NEVER purchased any new, store bought Brother product in over 6 years! Think of how much we saved - we want to help you save the same and keep your home or office running efficiently. If there is ever a problem, we handle it fast and provide solutions and support on every order.

12. Question: Do you buy back or give credit for used Brother products?
12. Answer: Unfortunately, No. We had a buy back/credit program at one time that became abused by customers. Because of this abuse, we had to stop. Today, we only accept Brother products for Recycling. If you need to recycle your Brother Drum or Toner, please visit our Recycling page HERE. We can send you a FREE UPS return label if needed to send them to us. We may start up another buy back program in the future, but not at this time. However from time to time, we will purchase certain products if we really need them. Contact us anytime and ask.

13. Question: Is there a way to make my Brother toner cartridge last longer?
13. Answer: Yes - On both sides of the cartridge, you will see a very small round window. If you place a piece of black electrical tape over those windows, the cartridge will continue to print until it runs dry. You may need to perform a reset to keep printing.
Please refer to our support page for reset instructions or contact us by email.
This method does not work for EVERY Brother cartridge. Some newer models will not allow any tampering to make printing last longer. If your cartridge has no windows on the sides, then most likely you cannot use this method. We do have Brother Refill Kits available for most Brother cartridges if you want to save money and keep using the same cartridge! HERE.

Our FAQ page is updated with new questions and answers periodically.
If you need help or have questions not answered here, Contact us anytime.

All the best and success!

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All Brother Toner cartridge and drum questions are answered to the best of our knowledge. If you need to ask a question not answered here, contact us anytime via email or chat. We will try our best to answer questions regarding: Brother Toner cartridges , Brother drums, our Brother Toner refill kits , Brother Printers , Brother Fax machines , Brother copiers , Brother printer toner , Brother inkjet cartridges , Brother printer help and support , Brother printer resets, Brother toner shelf life , or any Brother related product.


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